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Timaru’s usual bus service has been replaced by the MyWay by Metro on-demand public transport service, supported by the Timaru Link and the Temuka service.

Thursday 14 May

MyWay by Metro on-demand public transport has replaced Metro’s urban Gleniti, Watlington and Grantlea routes, and can operate at full capacity under Alert Level 2.

Ministry of Health physical distancing restrictions do not apply to MyWay vehicles due to the additional measures in place to support journey tracking, so the vehicles are operating at full capacity, with enhanced cleaning in place and hand sanitiser available.

This service is available Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8am – 6pm, at no cost.

Please follow the MyWay by Metro Facebook page for updates.

Download the MyWay by Metro app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

MyWay App MyWay App Google Play Store Apple App Store

You simply request a vehicle directly from your smartphone app, through the call centre, or on this website.

Smart scheduling ensures you’ll be collected on time and means that passengers can share the vehicle.

The powerful technology will identify a nearby ‘virtual bus stop’ or an existing bus stop within a short walking distance for pick up and drop off, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips without lengthy detours, or inconvenient fixed routes and schedules.

When you book, you select your pick up date, time and place. Be sure to let us know any accessibility needs too.

What is the service area?

MyWay reaches all of the Timaru urban area including Washdyke, Gleniti and the Port area.

Click on the image to view a pdf (532kb) of the service area map for more detail.

MyWay Service Area Map

What are the hours of operation?

MyWay operating hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8am – 6pm.

The MyWay by Metro on-demand public transport service has replaced the Gleniti, Grantlea and Watlington services. The Timaru Link and Metro Temuka services continue to operate.

We’re running MyWay for a 12-month trial and will review its success as we go along.

How can I keep up to date with MyWay news?

Keep up to date with MyWay by Metro by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

What does it cost to use the service?

Fares were not required on public transport while New Zealand was at Level 3 and 4 of its COVID-19 response. We are working on the details needed to safely reintroduce fares, in collaboration with the Transport Agency. Until then, public transport remains free.

When required, the introductory fares for the 12-month trial will be:

Convenience Cash
Adults: $2.00 $3.00
Children (5-17 years): $1.30 $2.00

Convenience fares are for app and Metrocard payments. Children under five travel free.

SuperGold cardholders travel free during all off-peak times. That's weekdays between 9am and 3pm, and after 6.30 pm, and weekends and public holidays. Simply register as a SuperGold holder and then present your SuperGold card to the driver when boarding the bus.

Fares for the Link and Temuka service do not change. Visit the Timaru Metroinfo website for more information about these services

When can I book?

Simply book when you’re ready to go. Our system will allocate you a vehicle anytime from 5 to 30 minutes away. If the time you’re provided doesn’t suit, select the next available time that does.

How do I use the service for the first time?

The fastest and easiest way to book your trip is through the MyWay by Metro app, available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The first time you use the app you will be asked to create a user profile, which the system will remember for your future bookings.

You can also book online, or by phoning our friendly team on 688 5544.

Can I use my Metrocard on the service?

Yes, using either your Metrocard or the app means you travel for just $2.

Just select ‘Metrocard’ from the payments menu when you book in the app or call 688 5544 to talk to our friendly operators. If using your Metrocard you will need to ensure that you have enough money stored on your card, or you can top it up by paying cash to the driver.

Simply swipe your Metrocard when you board the vehicle. Any extra passengers will need their own Metrocard to access the lower fare.

Can I pay the driver when he or she arrives to pick me up?

Yes, you can pay cash, although it’s much cheaper to pay via the app or with your Metrocard.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my trip?

Your credit/debit card will be charged after you have completed the trip, so the only charge for a cancelled trip would be a cancellation fee (where applicable).

If you require a refund please call us on 688 5544.

Are transfers available?

With MyWay, the service takes you close to your destination, so there are no transfers required. There’s no transfer ticket option between the Link or Temuka service and MyWay.

What should I do if I don’t have a phone or internet?

MyWay by Metro bookings are made either by calling our call centre, through the smart phone app, or on the website. If you don’t have access to any of these, you will need to ask someone to book for you.

How can I book my return journey?

If you use the MyWay app, you can easily book your return journey whenever you’re ready to go.

For people without smart phones, there are booking on behalf locations throughout the community ready to assist with return bookings. They will phone your booking through to our local call centre.

Where are the Booking on Behalf locations?

Locations include the supermarkets, hospitals, medical centres and many other shops and businesses.

If you have a specific place in mind you’d like to book from, or you would like your business or organisation to provide the booking on behalf service, please call us on 688 5544.

Medical practice

Name Address
Timaru Hospital Queen Street, Parkside
Dr O'Connells Practice 5 Dee Street
Dee Street Medical 4a Dee Street
Medlab 4 Dee Street
Elizabeth Street Medical Centre 10 Elizabeth Street
Wai-iti Medical House 161 Wai-iti Road, Highfield
Harper Street Health Ltd 46a Harper Street, Parkside
Birchwood Surgery 2a Preston Street, West End
Parkside Medical Centre 45 Heaton Street
Timaru Medical Centre 45 Heaton Street


Name Address
Dee Street Pharmacy 5 Dee Street
Moyle's Pharmacy 6 Dee Street
Unichem Highfield Highfield Mall, 145 Wai-iti Road, Highfield
Ashbury Pharmacy Northtown Mall, 98 Evans Street, Waimataitai
Roberts Pharmacy 45 Heaton Street


Name Address
Paul Crowther Orthodontics 10a Elizabeth Street
Timaru Dental Care 50 Church Street
Silver Birches Dental Care 98 Sophie Street
Life Dental 8 Woolcombe Street
Stafford Dental Centre 259 Stafford Street
South Canterbury Denture Care 41 Church Street

Other medical

Name Address
Bay Audiology 6 Sarah Street
South Canterbury Eye Clinic 68 High Street, Kensington


Name Address
Timaru Library 56 Sophie Street
CBay Leisure Centre 11 Te Weka Street, Maori Hill
Timaru NZ Post & Kiwibank 21 Strathallan Street
Timaru District Council 2 King George Place
Community House 27 Strathallan Street
Environment Canterbury 75 Church Street
PAK’nSAVE Northtown Mall 98 Evans Street, Waimataitai

Can I flag down the vehicle for a ride?

So that we can stay on time for everybody, and for the safety of our passengers, we can only pick up passengers who have prebooked. Booking only takes a minute, so download the MyWay by Metro app to do it on the go.

Can I drop someone off and carry on to another destination?

You can only book MyWay by Metro to get to one destination. To book people to different destinations, you will need to make separate bookings, and you won’t be able to do this on the same MyWay app at the same time. Use an app on a different account, or phone the call centre on 688 5544 for the second booking.

MyWay Vehicles

How many vehicles will be in use?

The MyWay service will start with five vehicles, with the ability to increase to 8 at the second stage of the trial.

What size will the vehicles be? And how accessible?

Ritchies will operate LDV vans and Mercedes Sprinter vehicles with capacity for between 11 and 13 passengers. The MyWay by Metro vehicles will be capable of meeting just about every transport need, including disability access and storage for prams and bikes.

Our vehicles have space for buggies, walking frames, bikes and shopping. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, let us know by selecting this option when you book.

How far will I walk to be picked up?

The intent is that this service is as convenient as possible. Any walking distance is about the same as between traditional bus stops, although most likely less.

How many people will I share with?

Just like on other forms of public transport, the number of passengers you will share your journey with will vary, depending on the number of other passengers going in the same direction as you. Sometimes this may be as few as 2 or 3, other times the vehicle may be full.

Does the journey take longer if we pick up others on the way?

Via’s next generation technology builds in additional passengers to suit the arrival time you have been given. Any additional passengers may add a minute or so to your journey but nothing more substantial. Unlike taxi journeys, you will never pay more for your journey even if the traffic means your journey takes a little longer.

Will drivers wait for me?

Our drivers need to keep to time for everybody on board. Just like a bus, you will need to be at the pick up point at the arranged time. Using the app, you can see when the vehicle is approaching. If you are not at the pick up point, you will be charged the fare as a ‘no show’.

Can a child use MyWay by Metro unaccompanied?

As a public transport service, children under the age of 16 may travel unaccompanied at their parent’s discretion. We recommend that if children use the service unaccompanied, they only do so if they are confident crossing the road and/or getting to their destination.

If you use the service, you must be an account holder or with an account holder. We need to be able to communicate service changes to you, for instance if your pick up time or location changes.

How does MyWay by Metro work for passengers in a wheelchair?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available in the MyWay fleet.

As this is limited to one space per vehicle it is important that you request a wheelchair space when you book, so that we do not allocate your booked space on the same vehicle to a fellow wheelchair passenger.

How can customers with accessibility needs use MyWay?

A door to door service is available for those who need it, including Total Mobility customers. To book this, please phone the MyWay by Metro call centre on 688 5544. The cost of each door to door trip is $5.

Can I travel with a pram or pushchair?

Yes, all MyWay vehicles have space for a pram or pushchair on board.

What are the requirements for seatbelts, child restraints or car seats?

Babies and young children are not required by law to be strapped into a car seat on public transport, including in vans, but the New Zealand Transport Agency recommends it.  All other passengers must wear seat belts if fitted to the vehicle.

Can I book a journey for my family, or a group of people?

Yes, you can book and pay for a journey for several people going to the same place. The people in your group can pay by cash or Metrocard if they wish to pay separately.

Who is providing the service?

MyWay by Metro is managed by Environment Canterbury with the support of Timaru District Council and NZTA.

Local operator Ritchies has been selected for the vehicle service operation. Ritchies operates the MyWay on-demand vehicles as well as the remaining Link, Temuka and school services.

Ritchies also operates the local call centre, so that MyWay by Metro customers have the option of calling to book as well as using the app or website.

Global mobility and technology expert Via is providing the next generation on-demand technology. Via powers on-demand public transport in more than 20 countries across five continents, bringing extensive experience to the Timaru trial. Via was closely involved in our feasibility study and has incorporated their learnings and recommendations into the design of the service.

Who drives the vehicles?

Each driver undertakes rigorous license, police and health checks. Drivers participate in an induction process that includes customer service, vehicle safety, and driver training. All drivers must have and maintain a clean driving record and we regularly review our drivers’ performance from both a safety and customer service perspective.

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